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What Do Children Learn?

All children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and focus on the prime areas of learning.

  • Communication and Language Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development

How we learn in the Sunroom (2-3 Years Old)

Joyful Learning We play and explore! We look, feel, taste, smell, hear and discover.

Rhyme of the Week We have a rhyme of the week. Please enjoy singing this rhyme at home together. It helps your child to hear sounds and rhymes and this helps your child when they learn to read.

Areas in Our Nursery The nursery is organised into the different areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We play with the children indoors and outdoors.

Cooking Every week we cook in small groups. We love tasting what we have made.

Children’s Interests We plan for activities in the nursery and we also follow children’s interests. If your child is particularly interested in something let us know.

Parental Partnership Please tell us what your child can do at home, especially new things they have learned or are interested in.

To find out about the Early Year Foundation Stage click here.