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Key Groups

Each member of staff has 13 children in their key group, so they can focus on supporting them. At Royal Spa the children’s happiness and emotional security is always a priority.  We believe that for children to be happy they must feel secure with the people around them.

A key person will

  • Develop secure, trusting relationships with key children and their parents/carers.

  • Provide a secure base for key children by supporting their interests and explorations away from their key person and being physically and emotionally available for them to come back to.
  • Attend to emotional needs of key children by acknowledging their feelings and responding appropriately.
  • Settle new key children into the setting gradually by introducing them to facilities, daily routines, name cards, peg etc.
  • Settle key children as they arrive each day.
  • When possible, greeting parents at the beginning and end of each session and sharing information from their child’s day.
  • Offer support and advice to parents/carers that is relevant to their child.
  • Change and toilet key children who need support.
  • Keep records of and support key children’s development through observations, assessment and planning.
  • Share children’s developmental progress with parents and carers.