What are Governors?

Governors work with the headteacher and senior leadership team in the strategic development of the school and in raising standards of achievement.

Duties include setting the school’s vision, aims & objectives, approving the school budget and appointing the headteacher.

They must be able to support and challenge the headteacher, so need to gain an understanding of the school’s overall performance in order to explain its decisions and actions. Governing bodies work as a team and make collective decisions.

The Governing Body

First name Surname Role Term of office from Term of office to Appointed by Original appointment
Emma Bennett Parent Governor (Chair of Governors) 01/12/2016 01/12/2020 Elected by parents 01/12/2016
Mary Ellinger Headteacher 01/09/2016 - Member by virtue of their office 01/09/2016
Jennie Hill Staff Governor 18/09/2016 17/09/2020 Elected by staff 18/09/2012
Laura London Parent Governor 28/04/2017 28/04/2021 Elected by parents 28/04/2017
Christine Booth LA Governor 14/02/2019 14/02/2023 Local Authority 14/02/2019
Alberto Schiannini Co-opted Governor (Vice Chair 11/11/2015 10/11/2019 Governing body 01/10/2015
Louise Vosper Co-opted Governor 13/09/2015 13/09/2019 Governing body 13/09/2015
Polly Dyer Co-opted Governor 22/06/2017 22/06/2021 Governing body 22/06/2017
vacancy co-opted Governor

Register of Interests

First name Surname Date declared Business/pecuniary interests Governance roles in other educational establishments
Emma Bennett 22/05/2019 Director at Avenal Ausden Governor at Woodingdean Primary School
Polly Dyer 21/09/2017 none none
Mary Ellinger 29/09/2016 HT at Royal Spa Nursery School none
Jennie Hill 26/01/2017 Teacher at Royal Spa Nursery School none
Laura London 11/05/2017 Partner of Tendra Web Design, Gallery Manager none
Peter Osborne 29/09/2016 Company Director, Datanauts Governor at Queen's Park Primary School
Christine Booth BHCC
Alberto Schiannini 29/09/2016 Head of Localisation MAG Interactive none
Louise Vosper 29/09/2016 Supply Teacher none


Meeting              Date                     ME         JP           PO          JH           AS          LV         EB          LL          PD CB

FGB 10/07/2019 Y n/a n/a Y N N Y Y Y N

FGB 22/05/2019 Y n/a Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

FGB 20/03/2019 Y n/a Y Y N N Y N Y Y

FGB 06/02/2019 Y n/a Y Y N Y Y Y Y

FGB 21/11/2018 Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y

FGB 19/09/2018 Y Y Y N Y N Y Y Y

FGB 27/06/2018 Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y

Finance Comm 18/06/2018 Y Y Y n/a n/a n/a Y n/a n/a

FGB 02/05/2018 Y Y Y Y Y N N Y Y

FGB                       07/03/2018         Y             Y             N            Y             N            Y             Y             Y            Y

Finance Comm  05/03/2018         Y             Y             Y             n/a         n/a         n/a         Y             n/a         n/a

FGB                       29/11/2017         Y             Y             Y             N            Y             N            Y             Y             Y

Finance Comm  13/11/2017         Y             Y             Y             n/a         n/a         n/a         Y             n/a         n/a

FGB                       21/09/2017         Y             Y             N            N            Y             Y             Y             Y             Y

FGB                       22/06/2017         Y             Y             Y             Y             Y             N            N            Y             Y

FGB                       11/05/2017         Y             Y             Y             N            Y             N            Y             Y             n/a

FGB                       06/04/2017         Y             Y             N            Y             Y             Y             Y             n/a         n/a

FGB                       26/01/2017         Y             Y             Y             Y             Y             Y             Y             n/a         n/a

FGB                       01/12/2016         Y             Y             N            Y             Y             Y             n/a         n/a         n/a

FGB                       27/09/2016         Y             Y             Y             Y             Y             Y             n/a         n/a         n/a

The governing body is required to publish individual governor attendance at meetings in the last year. In the table above governors' initials are listed along the top and meetings are listed on the left.

KEY:  FGB = Full Governing Body  Finance Comm = Finance Committee

          Y = in attendance  N = not in attendance  n/a = not applicable

Minutes of Meetings

FGB 1 Summer 2019 - 22nd May

FGB 2 Spring 2019 - 20th March

FGB 1 Spring 2019 - 6th February

FGB 2 Autumn 2018 - 21st November

FGB 1 Autumn 2018 - 19th September

FGB 2 Summer 2018 - 27 June

Finance Committee Summer 2018

FGB 1 Summer 2018 - 2 May

FGB Spring 2018 - 7 March

Finance Committee Spring 2018

FGB 2 Autumn 2017 - 29 Nov

Finance Committee Autumn 2017

FGB 1 Autumn 2017 - 21 Sep        

FGB 2 Summer 2017 - 22 June       

FGB 1 Summer 2017 - 11 May

FGB 2 Spring 2017  - 6 April           

FGB 1 Spring 2017 - 26 January                                

FGB 2 Autumn 2016 - 1 December                               

FGB 1 Autumn 2016 - 27 September

FGB Summer 2016 - 15 June