Nursery School of Sanctuary

Nursery of Sanctuary

Our excellent work on inclusion and diversity has been acknowledged and we are very pleased that we are now recognised as a “Nursery of Sanctuary”.  We welcome all families to our nursery community.  We celebrate diversity and work gently with our children to help them understand the ideas of welcome and openness.

Please look at our lovely poster – “Welcoming children to Nursery” which is a children’s voice expression of how to welcome new children.

Our next celebration is Refugee week, beginning on Saturday 16th June at our summer fair.  Please look out for the stall and come and join us to help celebrate the contribution refugees have made to our communities in the last 20 years.

Spring Newsletter #2 2018

The cold weather seems to be finally giving way to Spring. The garden is coming to life and we’ve been making the most of dry spells in the garden. We’ve completed our RSPB bird watch, making bird-watching hides and dressing in camouflage, and the children are able to use the grassy slopes again, they have been rolling themselves down the slopes – playing in the mud kitchen and riding the bike in the sunshine.

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